AMRG members bring a variety of skills to SAR operations. It is not necessary that every member be a proficient mountaineer or climber. We are looking for individuals who are experienced backcountry travelers with solid navigation and survival skills and some familiarity with Alaska’s backcountry, and who are willing to train extensively in one or more SAR specialties. Persons with previous experience in mountaineering, rock, and ice climbing, ski-patrolling, wilderness medical care, helicopter operations, snowmachining/ATV riding, search management, incident command, or swiftwater rescue are highly preferred, but we are in need of assistance of all types and have an auxiliary membership for those who want to help AMRG but not in field operations.

Individuals who have sufficient time to volunteer are needed to work in all of the following skill areas:

  • Technical rock, snow and ice climbing
  • Search and rescue incident command (search management)
  • Avalanche response
  • Wilderness medicine
  • Mapping/GIS/wilderness search planning
  • Communications dispatch
  • Communications maintenance
  • SAR equipment maintenance
  • Motorized equipment maintenance
  • Information services (website maintenance)
  • Fundraising


If you are interested in volunteering with AMRG, our membership application periods are:

  • January 1–February 10
  • July 1–August 10

We are not currently in an open application period; however, if you are considering submitting an application, you are highly encouraged to attend our general membership meetings on the first Thursday of every month from September to May to introduce yourself, ask questions, and gather information about volunteering. Please see our Training page for more information.